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One Shot Vol 2 NEW

One Shot Vol 2 NEW

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Reinforce Your Drum Sound

Add extra punch and clarity to your drums with our new One Shot Vol 2 sample pack. With over 80 one shot hits for kick, snare, and toms, your drums won't have any issues cutting through the mix. Various room options and tunings, multi-sampled TCI's for more flexibility, and one shot hits to make it slam. This pack will be a great addition to your collection.


  • 50+ One Shot Snare Hits, 20 One Shot Tom Hits, and 17 Kick One Shot Hits
  • TCI Files for Select Snare, Tom, and Kick Samples
  • Wav Audio Files for Select Snare, Tom, and Kick Samples
  • Multiple Velocities and Round Robins
  • Multiple Microphones, Including Snare Top 1, Snare Top 2, Snare Bottom, Overheads, Close Room, & Far Room for Most Snares
  • Plenty of Options to Provide Mixing Flexibility
  • Use these samples in your mix for added punch, character, & feel
  • Required Storage: 1.13 GB

After purchasing, you'll be emailed a link to download One Shot Pack Vol 2.