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The Fairview Kit

The Fairview Kit

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Our newest release, The Fairview Kit. Plug-and-play sound with heavy hitting mix presets. Built-In one shot samples. All new groove player, and powerful built-in stereo processing. Available for Kontakt and Kontakt Player.
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Powerful - Punch - Clarity

Introducing The Fairview Kit, our newest Kontakt drum instrument, available for Kontakt and Kontakt Player. Sampled and engineered by Alex Rudinger & Anup Sastry. Plug-and-play sound with powerful mix presets by Anup Sastry, Ryan Wood, and Drewsif Stalin. An all new groove player, various microphone blending options for maximum flexibility, built-in stereo FX processing, and so much more, The Fairview Kit is your new best tool for the ultimate drum sound. Click HERE to see a full list of drums and cymbals we sampled for The Fairview Kit.


  • Fairview Drum Instrument available for Kontakt & Kontakt Player
  • Sampled and engineered by Alex Rudinger & Anup Sastry - 6 Snares, 3 kicks, multiple toms, & various cymbals to choose from
  • Plug-&-Play sound with all new mix presets by Anup Sastry, Ryan Wood, and Drewsif Stalin
  • Built-In Compression, Saturation, Transient Designer, EQ, and Reverb for flexible stereo bus processing
  • All new powerful groove player
  • All new kick and snare one-shot hits for ultimate punch and clarity
  • Load your own custom one shot kick and snare samples
  • Envelope controls for every element
  • 2 Snare programming modes to suit your workflow
  • MIDI Mapping Presets for multiple other drum plugins and instruments
  • CC Learn functions and Velocity Curves to make E-kit integration simple
  • Includes Kontakt Instrument & TCI files for Slate Trigger (Does Not Include Audio Files)
  • Installation made easy through Native Access
  • Click HERE to see a full list of drums and cymbals we sampled for The Fairview Kit
  • Required Storage: 15 GB

One Shot Samples

Fairview includes pre-loaded one shot kick and snare samples for quick and easy blending. You also have the ability to load custom one shot kick and snare samples as well. Easily get powerful drum tones that cut through your mix, all through Fairview.

  • Load custom kick and snare one shot samples by simply dragging them into the window.
  • Custom loaded one shot samples can be individually routed out of Kontakt.
  • Select if you want the snare one shot sample to trigger for both snare center and/or snare rimshot.
  • Pre-loaded one shot snare samples include multiple room variants.

Envelope Controls

  • Sculpt your drum sound even further with envelope controls for every element on the kit.
  • Fairview includes envelope controls for the custom loaded one shot kick and snare samples as well.

Powerful Mix Presets

Fairview offers multiple mix presets that are ready to drop into your song. Watch the video below to hear how each mix preset sounds. We purposely didn't mix or process the audio to give you the best idea of how The Fairview Kit sounds out of the box.

Learn More About Fairview

Interested in learning more about the drums and cymbals sampled for Fairview? Or curious about the number of velocities and round robins used? Click the link below for more information about Fairview.

  • Made for Kontakt Player

    All of our instruments are made for both Kontakt & Kontakt Player (free). Please visit Native Instruments for more information on Kontakt Player.

  • Native Kontral Standard

    All of our instruments are developed for and compatible with Native Kontrol Standard. Learn more about NKS by Native Instruments here.

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Installation is simple. After purchasing, you'll receive an email with your unique license from SendOwl. You can enter this license into Native Access (free application) to download & install Fairview. Please make sure to enter the correct email at checkout, & also check your spam folder.

  • Plugin Formats

    • Mac OS X (64 Bit Only)
      Stand-Alone, VST, AU, AAX
    • AAX Windows (64 Bit Only)
      Stand-Alone, VST, AAX
    • Kontakt 6.7 & Up
  • CPU Requirements

    • Mac OS X 10.14, 10.15, 11, or 12 (latest update), i5 or higher
    • Windows 10 or 11, Intel Core i5 or Equivalent
    • Graphics Hardware Support for OpenGL 2.1 or Higher
    • 4 GB RAM (6 GB Recommended for Large Kontakt Instruments
  • Required Disk Space

    • 1 GB for Kontakt Player
    • 15 GB for Fairview Kontakt Instrument
    • 2.2 GB for Fairview TCI Files
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