How do I get my orders after purchase?

You’ll receive an email immediately after purchasing with any license and/or download link. Please make sure to enter the correct email at checkout, and please check your spam folder. RS Drums uses Shopify for drum samples and groove packs, and SendOwl for licenses to Kontakt instruments. Please read below for more information on how your orders are delivered.

How will I get my license for Kontakt instruments?

Once you purchase a Kontakt instrument on our website, your order will be processed through Shopify, and your license will be emailed to you via SendOwl. Please check your inbox and spam folders for this additional email, as it will have installation instructions, your license key for Native Access, along with any other digital downloads that are part of your order.

How do I install Kontakt instruments?

1.) After purchasing a Kontakt instrument, you'll be emailed a license key from SendOwl. Please check your inbox and all spam folders for this email.

2.) Download and install the latest version of Native Access, which is a free program by Native Instruments.

3.) Launch Native Access. Locate and select 'Add A Serial'.

4.) Copy your license key that was emailed to you, and paste it in the 'Add A Serial' section.

5.) Once registration of your license is successful, locate and select 'Not Installed' products.

6.) Locate the Kontakt instrument you would like to install, and select 'Install'.

7.) Native Access will download and install your new library. After it's finished, load Kontakt, load your new library, and have fun!

How do I install MIDI groove packs?

1.) After purchasing a MIDI groove pack, you'll be emailed a download link to access your files.

2.) After downloading, copy the MIDI pack folder.

3.) Locate the installation files for the drum library you'd like to use the grooves with, and find the MIDIFiles folder.

4.) Open the MIDIFiles folder, and paste your MIDI groove pack here.

5.) Your pack will now be available in the groove player for the instrument you installed them for, and you're all set to go.

6.) If your pack doesn't show up, press the '!' button in the top right corner.

How do I route Fairview in Kontakt/Kontakt Player?

Routing outputs in Kontakt/Kontakt Player can be tricky. We've created routing videos for various DAW's. Click below for the DAW that applies to you.

Pro Tools



How much processing on samples in Fairview?

We did process the samples for Fairview a good bit, however, we included a 'Boost' knob that allows you to dial back on our processing to work with a more raw sample.

How do I route Enso in Kontakt/Kontakt Player?

Routing outputs in Kontakt/Kontakt Player can be tricky. Watch THIS video that Alex made about how to route Enso in Kontakt/Kontakt Player.

How much processing on samples in Enso?

We kept the processing on Enso to a minimum to give you as much flexibility as possible. We do plan on offering more processed instruments in the future.

Are the drum samples and grooves royalty free?

You can use RS Drums products in a musical context (for your own music), and there are no royalties or fees applied in this scenario. However, you’re not able to use RS Drums products as part of another library of sounds for resale.

What is Shopify?

RS Drums uses Shopify to process all purchases. You’ll receive an email with your license and/or download link via Shopify.

What is SendOwl?

RS Drums uses SendOwl to send licenses for all purchases of Kontakt instruments. Although your purchase for instruments is processed via Shopify, your license will be emailed to you via SendOwl, along with any other digital downloads that are part of your purchase.

Do sample packs and Kontakt instruments come with audio files?

Our Kontakt instruments DO NOT include audio files. However, some of our sample packs do include audio files. Please read the descriptions for all products to see what is and isn't included prior to purchasing.


Due to the nature of RS Drums products (digital products), it is not possible to return a product. Because of this, we do not offer refunds of any purchases.

If you have any questions or concerns with a purchase, please reach out to us, and we'll work diligently to answer all questions and resolve any issues.