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RS Drums

Enso Groove Pack

Enso Groove Pack

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MIDI Drum Groove Pack for Fairview, Enso, GGD, and ToonTrack
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Ignite Your Inspiration

With 200 grooves total, composed by both Alex Rudinger & Anup Sastry, writing drums for your song just got a lot easier. We've filled this pack with as many different styles and feels for rock/metal to help ease your workflow and keep the creativity flowing. Listen to some demos of a few grooves down below.


  • Compatible with RS Drums Fairview, RS Drums Enso, ToonTrack EZ Drummer, GGD Invasion, GGD P4, GGD Halpern Signature, GGD Modern & Massive, GGD OKW
  • 20 Grooves by Alex Rudinger & 20 Grooves by Anup Sastry
  • 5 Variations for Each Groove, 200 MIDI Grooves Total
  • Multiple Styles & Feels to Spark Inspiration
  • Compatible with most groove players when installed properly
  • Formally known as 'Annex I'
  • Required Storage: 128 MB

This pack is compatible with groove players in Kontakt and ToonTrack. Simply follow the installation instructions provided for proper use.

After purchasing, you'll receive an email link to download your Enso MIDI pack.