RS Drums MIDI Packs

Our new drum MIDI pack comes with 200 MIDI drum grooves, all with the intent of inspiring and filling the gaps in your writing. We hope to make the writing process that much more fun and easier for you. To make the workflow even faster, we’ve included MIDI grooves for numerous drum libraries. Alex and Anup spent time inserting their style and approach behind all of the patterns and fills. Just drop them into your DAW, and start creating!



  • 200 MIDI Drum Grooves and Fills
  • Numerous Variations for Grooves and Fills to Choose From
  • Drum MIDI Mappings for Four Drum Instruments and Plugins (RS Drums Enso, EZ Drummer, GGD P4, GGD Invasion)
  • Multiple Styles, Feels, and Tempos
  • Quick Drop-and-Go Format

Only $20.00

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