Introducing Enso,
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Punchy. Smooth. Versatile. Diverse.
With our easy-to-use interface—take your drum production to the next level.


Is Enso available for Kontakt Player?

Yes, Enso is available for Kontakt 6 and free Kontakt Player. Please visit the Native Instruments website, and download Kontakt Player for free. 

Can I install Enso on multiple computers? 

You’ll be able to download and install Enso as many times as you’d like using the Native Access tool from Native Instruments. However, You can only install Enso on up to three computers at any point, and only one license can be used at any given time. Please visit the Native Instruments website, and download Native Access for free. 

Do I need to credit RS Drums if I use Enso on a song/release?

You do not need to credit RS Drums if you use Enso on a song or a release. Although we appreciate the exposure and acknowledgment (tag us on instagram @rsdrumsmd)—it isn’t required or necessary.

How do I route Enso in my DAW? 

Please visit our YouTube channel, where we have a video available on routing Enso. 

Are the samples for Enso already processed?

Yes, the samples for Enso have been processed, but we didn’t want to process things too much. So, Enso still offers a very raw studio sound, and it gives you plenty of room to work with. 

How do I download the TCI’s?

When you purchase Enso, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download the TCI’s. There will be a link in the same email that will allow you to download the TCI’s. 

Why does the EQ not work on all of Enso when routing to aux busses in my DAW?

Enso’s EQ will only affect audio that is routed to the default outputs of Kontakt. If you route anything outside of the defaults outputs in Kontakt, it will not be affected by Enso’s EQ. 

Can I return a product?

Because of the nature of our products (digital items), we do not offer refunds. All sales/purchases are final. 

How do I download and install Enso? 

When you purchase Enso, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download and install Enso. You’ll need to create an account with Native Instruments, and you’ll have to use Native Access (free program by Native Instruments) to download and install Enso. 

My install failed, and Native Access says I need additional space to install. What do I do?

Although Enso occupies just under 15 GB’s of storage, Native Access will need about 64 GB’s of storage for the download and installation process. This additional space required by Native Access is only temporary. Native Access requires space for the application itself (Enso), any unpacking operations, and for the final installation process. You may be required to free up additional storage space to complete the installation of Enso.

Is Enso NKS compatible?

Yes, Enso is NKS compatible. Enso was designed to work with all NKS related products.

How do I get my order, what do I do?

Orders should be instant and emailed to you. If you haven’t received an email, check which email you used at checkout, check your spam folder, and if you still haven’t gotten it, send us a message from our support page.

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